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Pretend to sleep for 100000 years

Pretend to sleep for 100000 years

Pretend to sleep for 100000 years

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    Pretend to sleep for 100000 years
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    A sword God
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    Wine Novel
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As soon as he woke up, Ji Changfeng found that he had crossed. The key is that people are not immortal forces, descendants of ancient aristocratic families; He is the prince of the Royal Palace, the nobles and the rich merchants; No matter how bad it is, it is also in a bed. He is on the ground, the center of thousands of miles of wilderness there are ten thousand high mountains in front of us, which go straight into the sky, the giant spirit clan; After that, there are thousands of miles of mud and millions of corpse people; The left side is adjacent to the divine eye and the right side is adjacent to the soul ant. Ji Changfeng has no way to escape. He can only pretend to sleep on the first day of sleep, you get "King Kong is not bad"... on the tenth day of sleep, you get "Immortality"... on the twentieth day of sleep, you get "the atlas of all races"... ... on the 360th day of sleep, you get "the food backpack of infinite space"... ... 100000 years later, until a woman set foot in the wilderness, Ji Changfeng opened her legendary life, It also unveils the veil of this turbulent and treacherous world... PS1: This is a mysterious world with thousands of ethnic groups and beasts competing for the front PS2: a group of pretending to sleep was born: 701653686. Welcome brothers and cute fairies to join us

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