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My martial arts push back the world

My martial arts push back the world

My martial arts push back the world

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    My martial arts push back the world
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    A young man makes a hero
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-06-27 20:52:14
This is a prosperous world of martial arts. Senior three students' college entrance examination is not divided into liberal arts and science, but into liberal arts and martial arts human beings only occupy less than one tenth of the land area of this planet. Outside the high wall, there are monsters, zombies, demons and evil spirits the reason why human beings have not been extinct depends on the martial arts that have multiplied to the peak martial arts cultivation has four directions: flesh, Qi and blood, elements and summoning the martial arts in any direction can be called the martial god if they are practiced to the extreme with the help of golden finger, Nie Changfeng can also cultivate two systems: Qi and blood system and summoning system martial saints can awaken the holy land, and martial gods can cultivate magical powers each of the four major departments of martial arts corresponds to a magical power flesh body magic power: the cradle of hell Qi and blood magic power: martial god kicks elemental magic power: disillusionment of the five elements summon Magic: Summon black holes Nie Changfeng, however, has many unique magical powers of his own Qi and blood: Demon prison blood brake, blood bathing anger, demon evil blood meteor, blood devil real body summon: summon the evil god terrorist rashio, purgatory ghost chop, tombstone three wonders array, and summon the ancient ghost to cry jigger many years later, everyone on the Wushen continent knows that only one person is qualified to be called the strongest Wushen he is Nie Changfeng, the only martial god with two Titles: emperor blood kills heaven Dark Lord!

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