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Douluo s teacher inherited the emperor

Douluo s teacher inherited the emperor

Douluo s teacher inherited the emperor

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    Douluo s teacher inherited the emperor
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    Inkstone is your face
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    Happy Novel
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2022-08-17 15:56:02
Qi Qingxuan awakened his blood due to the accident and attached a powerful master. However, he can only grow up through Douluo world because he is too powerful. See Qi Qingxuan make his title of emperor Xia resound in Douluo!! The introduction is weak, step by step to understand the text< br> "PS: the author wrote for the first time. His writing style is too raw. Please forgive me. The author is also a Douluo fan, but it is only limited to Douluo I. I don't comment on what happened behind Tang San in the early stage and fly alone in the later stage. I understand everything, but Douyi Li is a kind of person who can be friends. Moreover, the drama needs the villain in in the early stage to be the martial soul hall and the villain in the later stage to be the divine world. As for why these are the villains, that's why After all, my two sets are two unrelated worlds together. I can't just use the original setting. The emperor is the way of heaven. This hasn't changed, but I added a cosmic will to reduce the emperor's combat power. This article is semi invincible and should be read with my brain. The first chapter is mainly the two sets, which can be skipped. It doesn't hinder the perception directly from the second chapter.

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