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Nine Tailed Fox!

Nine Tailed Fox!

Nine Tailed Fox!

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    Nine Tailed Fox!
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    Zeng Gaofei
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    365 Books
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2022-05-23 17:27:32
Summary of the story the "Fox ancestor", the ancestor of the Fox family in Qingqiu mountain, wanted to become an immortal, but failed. He needed to eat and drink the blood and flesh of a infatuated man in order to achieve perfect virtue and become a fox immortal the fox ancestor granted the mission of looking for infatuated men to the fox beauty "jiuer" and turned it into an adult< Xu Qingsheng's calligraphy and painting are sold by Xu qinger. They fell in love at first sight between mission and love, jiu'er fell into a tangled struggle. Finally, she made a difficult decision to follow her heart and betrayed Hu Zu Hunter Lao Huang and demon catcher Zhang mang are determined to destroy the fox clan. The former wants to avenge Xiao Huang, the youngest son eaten by the fox clan, and the latter wants to take the opportunity to become the leader of the world demon catcher alliance Chen Shihao, a young villain in Qingqiu Town, covets jiu'er's beauty. He worships Zhang mang as his teacher and wants to take jiu'er as his own various forces fought openly and secretly, and the undercurrent surged in Qingqiu town. Finally, on the night of the Lantern Festival when jiu'er married Xu Qingjiang, it became the ultimate war between demons and demon hunters, animals and villagers in order to save the poisoned villagers, jiu'er resolutely donated the human blood part of his body and left the animal blood at the cost of recovering from human to animal after a bloody fight, the fox ancestor's hope of becoming an immortal was disillusioned. The captured demon master wasted his mana. In despair, he hit the pillar and committed suicide. Demon catcher Zhang mang was assassinated by Chen Shihao. Before he died, he also stabbed Chen Shihao to death Xu Qingjiang fulfilled his love promise and took jiuer, a Nine Tailed Fox, to live in seclusion in a cave on the hillside of Qingqiu mountain, a paradise they once loved each other. Jiuer became his pet. People and foxes lived in harmony, depended on each other and stayed together.

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